About Me


My name is Samantha and I, like many of my generation, have lived much of my life online. From the early days of Livejournal, to my first blog with its own URL, and finally to this, my blog for my #digitaledu course, I have blogged about something or another (Harry Potter, my teenage ramblings, the beginnings of my time abroad…) since I was about 12 years old. I am now 25 and think I have finally found my voice.

Tartan and Thyme will be a place for me to talk about the things I like. My interests are varied but I suppose this can be considered a “lifestyle” blog; look forward to posts about style, food, travel and beauty, in addition to the occasional opinion piece when the mood strikes me.

2015 is a year of change. On January 2nd I moved back to Toronto and am working on getting reacquainted with my hometown, which includes getting used to the cold again! Although leaving Edinburgh (and this guy) was one of the more difficult things I have ever had to do, my return to Toronto has already proved to be exciting, positive, and shaped by what I learned from my experience in Edinburgh and from those who I am lucky enough to call some of my dearest friends.

I will look back on my time in Edinburgh often on this blog. I have thousands of amazing photographs and countless memories I want to record and although it will be a retrospective I hope they will nevertheless be an entertaining glimpse at what I have had the privilege to experience over the last few years. If Edinburgh is not your cup of tea (it should be, if it’s not) then I will undoubtedly be doing the same with current experiences and new memories I make in Toronto.

Although this is a personal blog, I hope to also use it for my professional development. I recently started as Community Manager at a small digital marketing agency called Splash Effect. I hope to be able to share some of what I learn about the world of social media (and start ups!) as I settle into this new role. I am also currently enrolled in a course entitled Foundations of Digital Communications Strategy and Social Media at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies with the intention of achieving a certificate in Digital Strategy and Communications Management. This WordPress blog has been built primarily for participation in this course. So be sure to follow tartanandthyme.com following its completion for more posts!

You can reach me elsewhere on the web at the following links.

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All opinions expressed on Tartan and Thyme are my own and this blog is for entertainment and reflection purposes only. Unless otherwise stated, all text and images belong to me. If you would like to use any of my images you see here, please contact me at tartanandthyme@gmail.com. If you wish to use content from my blog in any other way, please attribute accordingly.


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