life | on startups & working remotely

If you read my post, life | on past experiences and making a splash you will know that in January I began a new job at Splash Effect as Community Manager. Splash Effect is a small, startup digital agency and I have found that going from a somewhat typical 9-5 job (I say somewhat, because working for … Continue reading life | on startups & working remotely


eats | bellwoods brewery

In the last two weeks I have had the opportunity to explore so much of Toronto and its amazing food & drink scene. Harry came to visit from Scotland after two long months of long distance and so we rekindled our love for trying new restaurants, delicious food, & craft beer throughout our visit. Some … Continue reading eats | bellwoods brewery

style | spring capsule inspiration

Do you feel that thaw? That's Spring, baby. With the thaw comes by favourite time of every quarter - wardrobe planning. If you are new to the blog you will know that since about September of last year I have been working on minimizing my wardrobe. In my initial capsule I was inspired by Caroline of … Continue reading style | spring capsule inspiration

time travel | film photography

In high school I had the opportunity to take photography as one of my elective courses. This course spurred my love of photography and particularly working with film. Although I no longer have access to a dark room to develop my own film, I still quite enjoy shooting with film on occasion. My camera is … Continue reading time travel | film photography

life | on past experiences and making a splash

One week before I handed in my dissertation in August 2012 at The University of Edinburgh I began to panic. This panic was not fuelled by the upcoming due date that had been looming for upwards of four months or the stress of working part time while trying to craft a behemoth of an essay … Continue reading life | on past experiences and making a splash