Do you feel that thaw?

That’s Spring, baby.

With the thaw comes by favourite time of every quarter – wardrobe planning.

If you are new to the blog you will know that since about September of last year I have been working on minimizing my wardrobe. In my initial capsule I was inspired by Caroline of Unfancy. I gave myself 37 items and I tried to work with it, avoiding any shopping from about October until December. In the end a lot of what I wore throughout autumn I was so tired of, but I think this was because I worked with a lot of what I already had as opposed to shopping for versatile pieces. So while some things have since gone to charity, a good deal of my Autumn wardrobe came with me into Winter and I added a lot of good basics to the menu when I returned to Toronto in January.

Going into spring my basics will mostly be coming with me. But I will be putting cooler-weather items into storage and venturing to the shops to add some more seasonal bits while trying to work with some of the items that I have saved from my initial wardrobe clean out.

I feel like I have been planning for this wardrobe forever as anything to make me not dwell on Toronto’s cold was essential for my well-being. In short: Pinterest was my friend. Here’s some of what has been inspiring me in advance of the warmer weather that will hopefully be here come April 1st.

source |
source |
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source |
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