Last week a friend and I were talking about makeup and stuff, as you do, and she expressed how little she knows about the crazy beauty world. How do you know what to buy when there is SO MUCH OF IT?

I don’t find this to be too difficult, but that’s only because I got into YouTube.

When it comes to beauty I can’t say I was ever that interested when I was growing up. As a figure skater I had a little stash of makeup that ranged from the basic to the extreme (gold glitter, anyone?), but even something as simple as mascara I considered a “competition only” affair. It wasn’t until probably grade 12 when I started wearing daily makeup, which usually consisted of a little smudged eyeliner in the waterline (I didn’t know what that was called back then) and clear mascara. Yes, CLEAR MASCARA. I maintained that my eyelashes were too long for black mascara because they rubbed against my glasses. So weird.

ANYWAY. So in 2007 I started following the Vlogbrothers on YouTube and from there my network expanded massively. I always avoided that scary “beauty guru” side of things – the Michelle Phan’s of the world – but soon I found that YouTubers I respect started talking about beauty YouTubers and then I started watching those beauty YouTubers and then watching their vlog channels and then soon I was in a beautiful YouTube vortex I couldn’t get out of and…! *breathe*

In the midst of this vortex I discovered I was quite fond of red lipstick (still wearing the one tube I kept from my skating makeup bag), liquid eyeliner and nail polish. Then I was dabbling with foundation, highlighters and concealer. I even upped my eyeshadow game (though admittedly I avoid this as years of synchro makeup has left me quite heavy handed). I have yet to venture into the world of bronzer and blush but my complexion is so pink that I don’t need it…

The long and short of it is: I like makeup. I like to wear it, I like shopping for it. And I like listening to people talk about it. Is it an essential thing in life? No. Do I think I need to wear it to look “human” or that I can’t leave the house without it on? No.I usually wear so little of it that it doesn’t look like I’m wearing it anyway. But do I enjoy it? Yes.

I have to admit that for a long time my interest in the beauty world and the bloggers I follow was very closeted. I didn’t even watch these videos around my boyfriend for fear of judgement. I mean, he still judges me a little – I still judge me a little. It wasn’t until John Green of the Vlogbrothers (bringing it full circle!) posted the following video that I accepted that beauty was a thing that I liked.

Right, so, now that I have needlessly justified/explained my interest: on to the point of the blog! My friend I spoke of before wanted me to give her a list of some of the bloggers I follow so maybe she, too, could learn a bit more about it. So here are my current favourite Beauty Bloggers. Most blog very regularly and some are YouTubers. Most of these YouTubers vlog as well. I will post all necessary links below.


Estée is a Canadian YouTuber from K-W who lives in London, England with her boyfriend Aslan and greyhound Reggie. She vlogs on the regular and she’s quite the hoot so I watch those regularly along with her beauty videos. She’s quite candid on camera and does not claim to be an expert in beauty. She’s just experimenting like the rest of us but with a very successful following of 800,000+ subscribers. Of any of the bloggers I follow I usually end up going with her suggestions when need to pick something up. It’s called the #EssieButtonEffect.

blog | youtube | vlog channel


Love this girl. Anna is probably the most knowledgeable of the bloggers featured here. She describes the products so well and while she is not a makeup artist in any way (there is an entirely different world on YouTube for makeup artists – you don’t look here for technique) her videos are still so professional. She is definitely one of the hardest working girls in the “biz” and her style is 100% my capsule wardrobe inspiration. Go Anna!

blog | youtube

Lily Pebbles

You can’t read Anna’s blogs or watch her videos without following LP too. They are a dynamic duo. Often they will describe products as “this is totally something Anna/Lily would love” so it is essential to read/watch both so you know what the hell they are talking about sometimes, but their friendship is so cute I just can’t handle it. Also, Lily is a great resource for when you want to know if that product that’s super hyped is actually good. Seriously she is the only blogger I know who doesn’t like that bloody Benefit They’re Real mascara and I swear that made us soul sisters.

blog | youtube

lipstick with some sunshine

One word: PHOTOGRAPHY. This blog is so satisfying to scroll through. Her look seems a bit intense at first but when you break it down it’s very simple and minimal, so if you are not that into makeup or just getting started this is a great place to go to find great products and simple ways to apply it.

blog | youtube


Kate is a blogger based in Glasgow, but she’s from everywhere. Kate’s looks are generally not what I go for (I cannot pull off a lip that nude for the life of me) but her blog features great round-ups and product reviews. Gh0stparties is also dabbles in lifestyle blogging, so it’s not all beauty all the time over there. She also runs Nouvelle Vogue, which I quite like as well, but their focus is definitely more on the lifestyle side of things.

blog | youtube

A Little Opulent

ALO is not a beauty blog by definition, but they do round up products quite often. They have a team of bloggers so these suggestions usually do not come from one place, which is a great perspective to have when you are not sure if a product will work for you. I also love the illustrations that usually accompany their beauty posts. They make me go all heart-eyes.


The beauty of beauty bloggers is that they (usually) share their genuine thoughts about a product and admit that sometimes that new product that’s all the hype is just not worth your money. Magazines can’t give you that perspective. I am well aware that beauty bloggers are now a huge focus for advertisers and that these blogs and videos are not quite as genuine as they once were. I think that is why I am constantly questioning my motivation when I settle in to get caught up on these blogs and YouTube videos – I need to be aware that I am being sold to. I keep asking myself: is this something that is worth my time?

For now, I think it is. And I think it will continue to be. The women I talk about above are all extremely hardworking and are thriving in an industry that only a few years ago was extremely exclusive. They are entrepreneurs and they are part of a massive change in media. When I start to question why I tune in to these blogs I ask myself this extremely hypothetical question: would I want my 13 year old daughter to be exposed to makeup and the beauty world from real women on YouTube, who happily bare their unmade-up faces to the world in their videos? Or would I want her to be exposed to this world through airbrushed pictures of models in magazine centrefolds who hasn’t a blemish to be seen? I think there is education needed around both, as this whole makeup thing is not going away any time soon, but the answer is bloggers, every time.

p.s. I swear this blog is almost done. It really should have been two posts now that I think about it…ANYWAY. If you want to start following these blogs I suggest setting up an account on Bloglovin’. It’s the best place to find beauty, fashion, lifestyle, home, fitness & food blogs from great women (and men! sometimes.). 


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